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We help identify the financial leaks, 


Empower our clients with the financial knowledge, 

strategies and solutions for a better tomorrow.


It is our approach to financial advisory and planning that makes us different and unique. We specialize in identifying the areas of spending that create financial "leaks" in your overall financial strategy. These wealth transfers are occurring either unknowingly or unnecessarily, typically in the areas of how you pay for your mortgage, taxes, interest on debt, college expenses and/or qualified plans. 

Can your financial advisor answer the four toughest financial questions we all face? 

1. What rate of return do you have to earn on your savings and investment dollars to be able to retire at your current standard of living and have your money last through your life expectancy?


2. How much do you need to save on a monthly or annual basis to be able to retire at your current standard of living and your money last till life expectancy?


3. Doing what you are currently doing, how long will you have to work to be able to retire and live at your current lifestyle till life expectancy?


4. If you don't do anything different than you are doing today, how much will you have to reduce your standard of living at retirement for your money to last to your life expectancy?

Our approach is unconventional. Using a golf or baseball analogy, we analyze your swing (i.e., what you're doing financially), find the flaws (i.e. financial leaks) in the swing and bring that money back to you. Once this is identified, only then can we build an efficient and effective strategy using the right solutions to achieve your objectives. 

It is our philosophy and belief that there is more opportunity in helping our clients avoid the losses than trying to pick the winners.


As an independent insurance broker, we represent you. We have access to numerous insurance companies, providing our clients very competitive pricing and multiple options to choose from. 


Other insurance agents represent the insurance company that employs them.

These agents are called "Captive" agents (you might have seen their commercials). Captive agents are limited to offering the products and services of the one insurance company they represent.

To learn more about our services, contact us today.

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