The Perfect Investment

The Perfect Investment should have these benefits:

  1. No Risk

  2. Guarantees

  3. No penalties for its use

  4. Liquidity, use and control (get your money when you need it)

  5. Protection from creditors

  6. Leverage (create the most amount of wealth using the least amount of money)

  7. Tax Deferred

  8. Tax Free (upon distribution)

  9. Collateral (for loans)

  10. Tax deductible payments

  11. Disability benefits (make payments if you are disabled)

  12. Tax Free transfer to your heirs

Let's compare the Perfect Investment with programs you may be familiar with: (see chart below. Enlarge Table click here)

So just what is the Perfect Plan?

The vehicle is a 200 year old solution

to a modern problem.

Learn how the Private Reserve Strategy

leverages the right vehicle.

Schedule a no obligation meeting and

learn how to get your Perfect Plan started. 


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