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Financial Services

What do we do? We help you find the money!


We educate our clients and implement strategies like privatized banking, building compounding growth, creating tax free income, obtaining unrestricted access to capital, affording college without sacrificing your retirement, receiving income for life, and leaving a favorable legacy.

Our clients have the assurance of safety, security, liquidity, use and control of their money.  We specialize in identifying your wealth transfers and direct some of that found money back to you. Then, we build you a customized long term financial plan and teach you strategies to protect and grow your wealth. It sounds uncommon but we've found it is better than what "common" people are currently doing.

Learn more about what makes us different from other advisors.


If you are serious about your financial future, you should know the answers to these four questions..... Learn More

We can give you these answers in less than 10 minutes.  When do you want to know?


Request a free consultation today to get the answers to these questions. 

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Learn to be a Wealth Creator versus a Debtor or Saver and why you want to be one. 
Be in the driver' seat with your money and have liquidity, use and control.
Learn how to leave a legacy for your children and your children's children.

Wealth Accumulation

Qualifed Plans

College Funding

Qualified Plans
Are qualified plans (401k, IRA, SEP, etc.) a part of your retirement portfolio?


Do you know the difference between saving for retirement vs. investing for retirement?


Learn the truth about qualified plans and  what they really do. Understand your options so you can make wise and educated decisions for retirement.

Learn how to fund your children's education without having to sacrifice your retirement or savings. 


Learn how to lower your EFC (expected family contribution) and why this is important.



Learn the truth about mortgages and how to payoff your home.  Test your mortgage IQ and take our mortgage quiz. Learn how you can have your mortgage paid off in a fraction of the time.

Take the "Mortgage Quiz"

1. A large down payment will save you more money over time than a small down payment.
True or False


2.  A 15 year mortgage will save more money over time than a 30-year mortgage.
True or False


3. Making extra principal payments saves you money.
True or False


4. The interest rate is the main factor in determining the cost of a mortgage.

True or False


5. You are more secure having your house paid off than financed 100%.
True or False


Learn more and get the quiz answers.



Learn how to build your own bank and have access to capital. 


Learn how to get out of debt in 9 years or less, including your mortgage, without spending any additional money than you are spending now.

Learn about the Perfect Investment.

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